How to build an emotional connection between your website and your customers?

It’s Easy: Think out of the box !
• Is your website useful?
• Can a user find all the information they need?
• Is it easy for a potential user to navigate your website? 
• Do you have a simple contact form for users to fill out?
• Consider the domain name: is it easy to remember and easy to type?
• Is it mobile friendly?
• How fast is your website loading?
• How is your business listed on local directories and major search engines?
Remember: Customers are fickle and if one thing puts them off they’ll head to another website.

GLANCE: A mobile enterprise and digital transformation solution


We are glad to introduce you our latest mobile enterprise and digital transformation solution called “GLANCE”.

Take your business to the next level with an amazing Digital experience. “GLANCE” attracting such a great positive feedback from our clients and they are fully satisfied with it. 


1) Better Speed & Performance
2) Awesome Look and feel
3) Highly Secured
4) Better mobile experience
5) Real time events
6) Easy to manage business
7) User friendly
8) Global access

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What is IPv6?


IP, the Internet Protocol, is one of the pillars which supports the Internet. Almost 20 years old, first specified in a remarkably concise 45 pages in RFC 791, IP is the network-layer protocol for the Internet.

In 1991, the IETF decided that the current version of IP, called IPv4, had outlived its design. The new version of IP, called either IPng (Next Generation) or IPv6 (version 6), was the result of a long and tumultuous process which came to a head in 1994, when the IETF gave a clear direction for IPv6.

IPv6 is designed to solve the problems of IPv4. It does so by creating a new version of the protocol which serves the function of IPv4, but without the same limitations of IPv4. IPv6 is not totally different from IPv4: what you have learned in IPv4 will be valuable when you deploy IPv6. The differences between IPv6 and IPv4 are in five major areas: addressing and routing, security, network address translation, administrative workload, and support for mobile devices. IPv6 also includes an important feature: a set of possible migration and transition plans from IPv4.

Since 1994, over 30 IPv6 RFCs have been published. Changing IP means changing dozens of Internet protocols and conventions, ranging from how IP addresses are stored in DNS (domain name system) and applications, to how datagrams are sent and routed over Ethernet, PPP, Token Ring, FDDI, and every other medium, to how programmers call network functions.

The IETF, though, is not so insane as to assume that everyone is going to change everything overnight. So there are also standards and protocols and procedures for the coexistence of IPv4 and IPv6: tunneling IPv6 in IPv4, tunneling IPv4 in IPv6, running IPv4 and IPv6 on the same system (dual stack) for an extended period of time, and mixing and matching the two protocols in a variety of environments.

5-Spice for great design.


Mix these 5 major ingredients tougher and give an extra flavor for your design.
1) User psychology
2) Latest trend
3) Business needs
4) Market Research
5) Best technology

Your website is your online Business. More people will potentially see your website than your physical location. A well-designed site will add more credibility to your business.

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Introducing Nyoka Software’s BMAP!


To manage your business, you don’t have to physically present in the Workplace. BMAP is designed for remote working and access to all areas of business through a platform-independent cloud system and it is capable of increasing the ROI of any organization.

With a few clicks, you can easily control the business and generate reports of sales activity, business progress, employee performance, financial and management areas at any point in time, seamlessly. With our solution, managers can handle the business very efficiently.

Nyoka software’s BMAP offers you the option to customize and add modules to your needs as you expand your business. The solution is highly beneficial to the business people who operate the business remotely. The system is completely mobilized and platform independent so it connects your employees very effectively.

Smartphones are common these days and highly sophisticated apps are the best way for employees to be connected, no matter where they are.

Migration to BMAP solution is a very easy process, It’s all about perfect planning and execution. Our experts will walk you through all critical phases very effectively.

BMAP is simply awesome because the setup cost is lesser than any other leading ERP solutions.
You may think “why it’s less expensive? “
The answer is very simple: you will pay only for your needs, not all modules we have.

Create your own ERP today,

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Sales presentation secrets


The span of attention of your client is higher in first 3 minutes so present the most important and interesting key points up front, it will increase the enthusiasm and interest of your client.

• Do a proper market research and understand client’s business before you go
• Be on time
• Dress like the professional: you never get a second chance to make a first impression
• 7% of the decision making will happen in the first handshake with a great self-intro
• Use neutral accent for speaking
• Let the client know about the presentation duration before you start. best duration: 10 to 20 minutes
• Don’t dump too much text/words into slides; a picture says 1000 words. Make use of it.
• Use infographics, charts or graphs to represent statics/comparison
• Emphasize uniqueness of your product or service.
• Don’t talk too much about your company and services. (on demand)
• listen to your client
• Don’t forget to appreciate the client’s time and say thank you
• Best day for presentation is Thursday, and the very worst day is Friday
• Don’t schedule the presentation during lunch time (1:00 pm – 2:00pm)

Top 10 reasons for business failure


A number of factors play into a business’s closing, such as location, the current market, cash flow, scalability and more. The number of reason most small businesses fail is due to cash flow
Here are the top 10 reasons for business failure

 Building something nobody wants
 Poor business and revenue model
 Bad hiring
 Lack of focus
 Poor sales and marketing
 Chasing investors not customers
 Overspending and underspending money
 Bad management
 Bad Location
 Ignoring social media and web presence

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